Advanced Sports and Clinical massage therapist

Massage: questions and answers

What is massage?


Massage is a power of touch, one of the oldest methods of healing, with references in medical texts nearly 4,000 years old. There are different type of massage and very many techniques therapist can choose from – effleurage, pettrissage (kneading), triggerpoint therapy and many others.

What to expect from massage?

Every massage is unique and tailored for each individual person taking in consideration general well being, any particular aches and pains, desirable outcome (relaxation, tension release).
If you are not sure – just simply ask your therapist – they will explain treatment process and answer all your questions.

What shall I discuss with my therapist?

Therapists usually ask new patients about symptoms, medical history, and desired results. They may also perform an evaluation through touch, to locate painful or tense areas and determine how much pressure to apply.
It is important to provide up to date information regarding any serious illnesses, injuries, car accidents according to your best knowledge as it helps your therapies to module the best treatment for you.


Can I ask any questions?

Yes you can and you should if anything, your therapists says is unclear. Therapist will encourage you to ask any questions and they mean it. As this is your time and your body and your therapist really wants to help you with a condition you are presenting.


What if I have a stupid question to ask?

Just go for it. Your therapist will try to answer it to his best knowledge.


Why there are prices so different for an hour massage?

There are many massage courses in UK and Europe, over 2 thousand massage schools in Britain only and they all offer a different type and level education therefore someone who offers a classical Swedish massage and had done a 3 weekend course might want to charge less that someone who has a degree in Sports massage and spent 3 years researching about subject.

 It’s too expensive. I cannot afford it!

Massage training costs lots of money and time. Therapist has to take time off work in order to study. There are very limited hours massage therapist can do a week – 40 hours hand on – it is simply not possible. After several months or couple of years therapist will have to resign due to arthritis or injury. There are many hours behind the scene – treatment notes, follow up training, research. In order to provide the best treatment possible for your condition, therapist might have to do a lot of research, call colleagues etc.
If money is tight – just let your therapist know therefore they will be able to suggest extra home stretches and exercises to help you maintain your condition. Just come back as soon as you can.

 Why do I have to come back for a follow up treatment? Can’t you just fix it? I just slept wrong on my neck? Why it’s such a big deal?

Firstly, we never just sleep wrong. If we look at animals and their awkward sleeping habits – they should not be able to move if they “slept wrong”. Instead they wake up with a big yawn, shake their dreams of, stretch their spine and off they run.
Instead we have had tension building in our neck, lower back or any other are for a long period of time (several moths or even years) from repetitive strain (computer, desk work) or minor injury (pulled a muscle in the gym) and “sleeping funny” is just a last straw, tip of the iceberg.
Because tension had been building up over period of time, muscles have adapted accordingly but shortening and tightening (opposite ones – overstretching). Your body consider this ‘new’ pattern ‘normal’ and even after the most successful treatment eventually body will try to go back to it’s ‘normal’, due to muscle memory. By having few treatments in a row as close as possible (normally once a weak) we are slowly re educating muscles that ‘normal’ isn’t tight but nice and long muscles. Therefore we are introducing a new ‘normal pattern’ for your body.

 I finish my course of massages. Why do I have to come back once every 4-6 weeks?I thought I was cured!

If you are not able to avoid what caused the tension in your neck in a first place (for example computer work) then sooner or later your body will go back to its old patterns due to repetitive strain. And the circle begins again. By regularly massages we keep reminding to the body what actually is ‘normal’ long relaxed muscles.

 I don’t like massage! I don’t like oil on my body! I don’t like to be touched!

There are many different types of massage. If you find that touching by someone whilst lying nearly naked is too intimate, you can always try Seated Chair massage (fully clothed and treatments is as short as 10min to start with) or shiatsu – where treatment is performed on you fully clothed.
Or just try another therapist – everyone is different and offers different approach and treatment.

Don’t give up on massage!


“I have been seeing Liva for years. I find her very knowledgeable and intuitive. She always checks if the pressure is good for me and responds accordingly, making the massage a very enjoyable experience indeed. She tailors the treatment to what my body needs on the day, so I know I'm always well looked after and in safe hands. I'm also a fan of Liva's Reiki sessions and have experienced the power of healing first hand. I have recommend Liva to friends and they have been very happy with their massages too. To me Liva's massages are a real treat and a necessity to help me cope with the demands of a stressful job and I can highly recommend to experience one of her treatments first hand yourself” Tanja