Advanced Sports and Clinical massage therapist

Massage that works

slider2massageI guess the most common question is – does massage really work? And how does it work? And why there are many different types of massage?

If you haven’t had a massage yet and would like to try, it can be quite confusing to choose from wide menu available.

It’s always safe to go with recommendation – ask friends and family if they know someone they can recommend. Also ask what type of massage they prefer – so you know what to expect from their favourite massage therapist.

If you don’t have any particular complaints, pains, aches or specific conditions, you can just try massage therapy that takes your fancy from reading up about it.

However most of us will have tightness somewhere in our body, let alone some serious conditions such as herniated disk, frozen shoulder, tennis or golfers elbow – therefore we would really want to have a massage that works – releases tension, reduces pain, increases mobility. Which one to choose?

We would highly recommend clinical or sports massage (sometimes also called remedial) – it is very important to choose therapist who is qualified and experienced working with pain conditions. Your therapist will work closely with your feedback and won’t go beyond your comfort level (some points might feel sore but they have to be managable and you don’t want to tense against the pressure).

Most therapists will have their profile and contact details up in the place they work so you can read about them and call, text, email with any questions you have before treatment. Please don’t be shy using this opportunity to find a massage that works for you.

In the mean time any @massagethatworks team are very happy to answer any questions or clarify uncertain topics so you can choose the most suitable treatment and have a fantastic experience.


“I have been seeing Liva for years. I find her very knowledgeable and intuitive. She always checks if the pressure is good for me and responds accordingly, making the massage a very enjoyable experience indeed. She tailors the treatment to what my body needs on the day, so I know I'm always well looked after and in safe hands. I'm also a fan of Liva's Reiki sessions and have experienced the power of healing first hand. I have recommend Liva to friends and they have been very happy with their massages too. To me Liva's massages are a real treat and a necessity to help me cope with the demands of a stressful job and I can highly recommend to experience one of her treatments first hand yourself” Tanja